The museum is based in the former USAF hardened command post on the former Bentwaters airfield, and is run by volunteers of the Bentwaters Aviation Society.  It is believed to be the only such building currently open to the public in the UK and Europe. The main “war operations room” and “Battle cabin” have been restored to original condition.   A number of other rooms have also been restored or have been turned into exhibition rooms, covering the history both of RAF Bentwaters and of its twin base, RAF Woodbridge, from the Second World War till their closure in 1993.  Included in the display are the histories of the units and squadrons which operated from the two bases.

The museum is about 15 minutes from Melton by car and is open between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm on the first and third Sundays each month from Easter to October.  See the museum’s website for directions and other information.