East Lane, Bawdsey is an excellent place for a stroll in unspoilt scenery along the coastal path or beach, with the bonus of several fortifications from various wars within a short distance of each other.  This is also a good place to see work which has been done to defend the coast against further erosion.

Here it is possible to see a series of Martello Towers from the Napoleonic Wars, as well as defences from the First and Second World Wars.


World War II observation tower and gun battery


Pill-boxes like this from World War I were round (whereas those from World War II were mostly hexagonal).


Left: Martello Tower W is a private home.  Rip-rap has been positioned here as defence against coastal erosion.  Right: Martello Tower Y was a converted into a private home in 2010.

Martello Tower Z is unused. On top is a concrete pill-box from World War II.

Martello Tower AA, at the south end of the hamlet of Shingle Street, has been converted into a private house.

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